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Jingchao can offer one stop service. From Printed Circuit Board(PCB), Printed Circuit Board Assembly(PCB Assembly) to Procurement of Components.Our aim is simple: competitive price, high quality and convenience service.

1,Printed Circuit Board(PCB) Service
We offer 1 to 20 layers rigid, and 2 to 10 layers flexible and rigid-flex varieties.
FR-4,CEM-1,CEM-3 High TG and aluminum-based PCBs ect available.
Blind/Buried vias with sequential lamination.
HDI buildup micro via technology with conductive and non-conductive filled vias.
UL and RoHS-certified.
Metal backed PCBs and thermal management solutions.

2,Printed Circuit Board Assembly(PCB Assembly) Service
Turnkey services
DFM, DFT and DFP first off build analysis
Lead Free PCB Assembly
0201 to uBGA SMT placement capability
In house AOI/X-ray Inspection systems
Conventional 'thru-hole' PCB assembly
In-Circuit Test(ICT) with up to 1024 nodes with both functional and boundary scan capability
Analogue, Digital, RF and Functional test development, operation and debug

3, Procurement of Components Service
We are committed to being a cornerstone of your supply chain.With a global procurement network, we offer flexible manufacturing options, personalized services and competitive prices.  Our catalog offers a wide array of components which include--but are not limited to--bobbins, capacitors, connectors, fans, inductor, ICs, LEDs, potentiometers, relays, resistors, rheostats, sockets, switches, terminal blocks,transformers,transistors ect.